"I LOVE this RMT. She is so professional, super friendly and personable and I feel that she really cares about my well being. I always feel better leaving her office. She is super strong but will ease up when you hit your threshold. I'd definitely recommend her. She bills directly to Blue Cross." – Sarah L.

"Jennifer is a fantastic massage therapist. Friendly, professional and effective. I’ve been getting massages for years and I know a good massage when I get one! Definitely recommend." – Jordy M. 

"Jennifer is an amazing RMT that I would highly recommend to anyone. I saw her for a period of time when she had been working in Maple Ridge. Sadly the Lower Mainland has lost a phenomenal RMT, but the residents of Kamloops are lucky to have someone who is knowledgeable and professional. If I am ever in the area and need treatment, I will be sure to contact her." – Patrick P.

“I just want to drop a few lines to express my thanks and appreciation for returning me back to normal again.  I was suffering from rotator cuff problems for many years. I went through so many different types of treatment including physiotherapy, acupuncture, and constantly needed to take strong pain killers to function normally.  My doctor suspected I might have arthritis, but X-rays showed otherwise. Things started to change when I walked into the clinic and went through a series massage therapy treatments that eventually helped heal my shoulder problem. I have not had pain for almost 3 years now and have not taken any pain killers as well. Again, thank you, and would recommend you highly to anyone who suffers from pain like me.”  – Paul C.

“Jennifer is a phenomenal RMT! She is professional and her expertise in massage therapy is remarkable. As a Critical Care Nurse, I battle with chronic back and shoulder pain due to the physical demands of the job. I see Jennifer on regular basis to help me manage this condition and maintain optimal physical function. Recently I developed unexplained pain in my right hand and wrist region. After only ONE treatment the pain was completely relieved and full range of motion restored. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for an RMT!”  – L.K.

“I have been visiting Jennifer twice weekly for the past several months for arm injuries which I have obtained over the years as a gymnast. My arms are doing much better and now I am currently on preventative maintenance visits.  She is friendly, nice and very intuitive. As a Registered Nurse I find that she quickly establishes rapport with clients and is very knowledgeable in what she does. I highly recommend her to my family and friends.”  – Houman.

“I would like to say that after just one session with Jennifer, the pain in my left piriformis (somewhere in my butt cheek) has gone completely, after no luck with self massage and stretching, for months. I was happily riding my bike the very next day, pain free! You come with high recommendation from me Jennifer. Thank you so much!”  – Debi G.

“My colleague referred me to the Registered Massage Therapist, Jennifer Campbell (Tarr). I had been experiencing muscle tension and aches in my neck, shoulders and low back. I’ve tried several massage therapists; however, I hadn’t felt satisfied with the treatment, so I decided to try Jennifer’s. After just the first treatment, I felt so much better. I really like her deep tissue massage. I noticed that her massage keeps my pain level down longer. After each treatment, I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated. Her massages are not only good for treating pain but also very effective for releasing stress. She listens to your concerns and works very hard to treat your problems. I’ve been seeing her for a few months. I feel very satisfied with the result after each treatment. Now I’m seeing her regularly, and I look forward to having her treatment each time.”  – Shirley S.

“If you’re looking for a great massage therapist, I highly recommend Jennifer Campbell (Tarr).  It’s obvious she knows what she’s doing and understands the causes of your pain by addressing the very source and the surrounding areas with the appropriate kind of treatment.  I had a hard time moving my left shoulder before and after undergoing three sessions of massage therapy with her, I can now move and rotate my shoulders with more flexibility.  I wouldn’t hesitate coming back to her should I require a massage therapy again next time.”  – Connie J.

“Whether or not, you need a relaxing massage or have specific problem areas to be addressed, I highly recommend seeing Jennifer!  At  every session, she was able to pinpoint my specific trigger points that needed to be worked on and released.  I was impressed by her professionalism, level of knowledge and expertise, and how strong her hands are.  I appreciated the thorough pre-massage assessment,  the massage after care instructions, stretching exercises, and of course her sense of humor throughout the massage during those times when my tight trigger points were being worked on.”  – Patricia M.

“I went to Jennifer after a misdiagnosis on a back problem had sent me to two chiropractors. She immediately detected the true problem, and a debilitating back condition was resolved almost completely after two sessions. I have recommended Jennifer to others, and have returned to her with subsequent problems, with similar success. I highly recommend her as a Massage Therapist: she is thorough and efficient – an excellent therapist.”  – Graham F.

Jennifer is really great at getting through my extra tense muscles.  I remember that after she was done she said it was like massaging a wall but the wall had more give to it… and she is right, my muscles have always posed a problem for most massage therapists, but Jennifer is able to go deep and hard enough to soften them so I can move again.  She actually massaged my whole family from my husband to my daughters.  My two daughters get severe headaches and Jennifer is able to relive them.  I highly recommend Jennifer as a great massage therapist.”  – Michelle S.

“She is AWESOME!!!! It was such a wonderful experience I had with Jennifer Campbell (Tarr) the first time. I have had an excruciating pain in my lower back for a long time. I’ve been to different massage therapists, but with Jennifer I find her very professional with the abilities and skills to handle my back problem. In fact, she is knowledgeable about body postures and gives some helpful tips to help alleviate my suffering. I really like her techniques, they are very calm and I can feel her positive energy flowing across the room during sessions.”  – Asunta A.

“I had never been to an RMT before and Jennifer made it a GREAT experience. She talked me through everything, explained exercises for me to do at home that really helped! Very personable and very professional. I would highly recommend her – my back has never felt better!”  – Katelyn Z.

“I sought out treatment from Jennifer because I had pain in my right shoulder and occasional tingling in my hand. The same day after the first treatment I bowled in a tournament and won third place. After the second treatment I no longer had the tingling in my hand. I would greatly recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking Massage Therapy.”  – Tyler A.

“Jennifer is the BEST! Just a few sessions and a noticeable difference already… life is getting back to normal again! Also, the pampering that Jennifer does is fantastic; I highly recommend her!”  – Jan H.

Jennifer is excellent. Very friendly, very professional and did an awesome job with my shoulder.”  – Clare Z.

“I sought out treatment from Jennifer for chronic low back pain from two car accidents. I have been to three physiotherapists, and have found the back exercise given by Jennifer to be the most pain relieving!”  – Michael K.